Not long ago we surveyed our clients. What we learned is that we are their risk management and insurance consultants for the following reasons:

Objective Advice

 94% of our clients say they hire us because they value the type of advice that can only come from someone who is not part of the insurance supply chain. Board members, business owners and executives understand how important risk management is to their organization. Having an additional set of objective and expert eyes on risk and insurance issues delivers value and peace of mind.

Better Protection

 90% of our clients feel we have raised material coverage issues that otherwise would have remained unaddressed, broadening coverage and avoiding coverage disputes after losses. It is our nature to focus on exposure issues before considering specific insurance products. Our independence supplies us with an outlook that benefits clients.

Lower Costs

 91% of our clients feel they earn better than market condition results while still improving or maintaining coverage through our efforts. We believe this result is due to our fostering competition where appropriate and maintaining the highest level of integrity in the procurement and negotiation process. Our firm's involvement adds credibility that enhances market participation. Providers know that their proposals will be evaluated accurately and fairly.

Excellent Service

 95% of our clients say they continue to use us because they consistently receive service that meets or exceeds their expectations. It's only natural. When all you have to offer is service, it has to be exceptional or the firm will not survive long. This philosophy has been a mainstay of our corporate culture for more than 50 years.

About Us

Albert Risk Management Consultants is a risk management and independent insurance consulting firm headquartered in Needham, Massachusetts. We offer expertise in flexible engagements, encompassing risk management and insurance audits, ongoing risk management advice and services, insurance procurement assistance, claims management, and other specialty services.


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