We help you understand and communicate your risk management technology needs and then we help you find the right solutions.

All organizations rely on some form of risk management technology. Sometimes needs change and better solutions are required.
We have been helping clients manage risk and claims information for decades. Sometimes we help clients take advantage of solutions that are available from their IT department that they previously did not know existed. Other times, we help them better use the systems provided by their insurers or third party administrators.

Our goal is simply to find reasonable technology solutions to address both your needs and your budget.

Many organization's RMIS needs progress beyond these simple solutions. They require an "unbundled" RMIS that is purchased separate from other services.

For unbundled RMIS clients, we help:
  • Examine your needs, your workflows and business processes, and your existing system's shortcomings.
  • Identify improved business processes that would be enabled through better technology.
  • Determine whether you can improve your existing solution/vendor service, or whether a new one is needed.
  • Communicate the cost versus benefit of an new solution to appropriate parties.
  • Develop your business and system requirements so that your expectations are clear to vendors.  This way, you don't waste your time answering repeat vendor questions, and their pricing is more accurate because they better understand the scope of your needs.
  • Help you identify candidate systems, evaluate them, and negotiate favorable licensing terms.
  • Serve as your advocate and knowledgeable project manager during the system implementation process. Interface with your IT or Project Management departments as appropriate.

In most cases, you will implement a new RMIS or convert to a different one once or twice a decade. Use our expertise to make sure it goes smoothly so you can maintain appropriate focus on other important aspects of your job.


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