We guide you along a pragmatic ERM path.

In a nutshell, we believe enterprise risk management (ERM) is a process to identify risks that could impair the achievement of strategic objectives – and reduce those risks to tolerable levels through coordinated action. Our expertise helps facilitate and streamline the effort and helps to avoid common roadblocks or stumbling points. We are process guides.

Risk Management Process

Our efforts focus on:

  • Understanding organizational strategy and risk culture
  • Establishing risk appetite/tolerance
  • Risk identification
  • Risk evaluation and prioritization
  • Risk treatments, including acceptance, avoidance, reduction, transfer and financing
  • Overall reporting and communications
Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) can help protect and enhance the value of any sized organization. The concepts are not new.  ERM is a natural progression of the risk management discipline that involves improving interdepartmental communications, considering relationships between risks, and ensuring that significant risks receive appropriate attention within the organization and its governing bodies.

We know that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work. Each organization has their own capabilities, goals and focus areas. We help client organizations find a process that works for them. We have a strong reputation for offering pragmatic risk management advice. This pragmatism extends to our ERM-related efforts. We ensure that knowledge gained in any ERM exercise transfers to the client. And, we have unique expertise with simple and affordable technologies that help streamline communication, documentation and tracking.


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IFI 2017 Insurance Forum

Joe Underwood presented at the International Finance Institutions Insurance Forum at The World Bank headquarters in Washington, DC on September 19, 2017. He addressed two topics: Risk Mapping and Broker Selection.