Ten Essential Rules of Risk Management for Educational Institutions
We are often asked what are "best practices" for Risk Management in Educational Institutions. We thought we would share a copy of the key points addressed by Albert Risk Management in a seminar, “When Bad Things Happen to Good Institutions.”
It’s hard to believe that in today’s business environment, sexual harassment still takes place. This article discusses preventative steps that may help avoid claims and keep a company’s hard-earned reputation intact.
There is no one right answer regarding which is the preferable approach between a single-insurer or multiple-insurer coverage placement. This article outlines various considerations so that an insured can evaluate their unique circumstances and sensitivities in order to make the best decision for their company.
A claim is made and you dutifully submit the particulars to your insurance company. In reply, your insurance company responds with a letter stating that they are reserving their rights to deny coverage. This is the insurer’s way of stating they are not sure the claim is covered and informing you of your options.
Emerging Risk:  Meth Labs
While methamphetamine is not a new drug, law enforcement agencies have indicated that its use has increased dramatically in recent years. Consequently, the growing presence of production sites (meth labs) have created substantial exposures for landlords and property managers.
Recently, a family became critically ill when they were exposed to a highly toxic pesticide at a luxury resort in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The suspected chemicals, which are subject to restricted usage rules in the U.S., were applied to the property prior to their stay. This incident should make property owners ask the question – what (and whose) coverage, if any, will protect me from a claim arising from such an event?
Turbulence with TRIA Re-Authorization
The United States Senate has ended their most recent session without extending the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA) past December 31, 2014.  This has created turmoil for insurers and the policyholders they cover.  This apolitical piece is intended to address, at a high level, why TRIA was instituted, the structure of the program and possible implications of a non-extension of the Act. 


Joe Underwood presented at the International Finance Institutions Forum at The World Bank headquarters in Washington, DC on September 19, 2017. He addressed two topics: Risk Mapping and Broker Selection.
Joe Underwood and Richard Foote presented at the CEO Resources Forum at Castle Hill, Newport, RI on July 18, 2017. Their presentation topics spanned cyber risks, risk management processes, and insurance procurement approaches.
Al Nagelberg joined Allen Wolff and Bruce Cholst at Anderson Kill's 20th Annual Policyholder Advisor Conference in New York on November 11, 2016.  Their discussion will focus on the important issues affecting the real estate and construction arena.    
Chuck Soucy presented with Kevin Kehoe and Joseph Sano at the The Real Estate Bar Association 2016 Annual Meeting & Conference on November 7, 2016 in Norwood, MA. 

In the Media

The successes of our longstanding client, DC Water, are highlighted in an ACE USA Advisory. ARMC is proud to have played a vital role in the initial feasibility analysis, and to have provided implementation support and independent oversight of the rolling owner controlled insurance program (ROCIP) which has helped DC Water achieve significantly improved safety, streamlined claims handling, millions of dollars in insurance cost savings for their rate payers, and broader participation by MBE, WBE, and LSDBE contractors due to availability of sound insurance protection.
Business Insurance's article "ERM lays foundation for regulatory compliance" features commentary from Joe Underwood of Albert Risk. The article discusses the linkages between compliance strategies and enterprise risk management.
Regions Bank's article "Optimizing Business Risk Response" features commentary from Joe Underwood of Albert Risk. The article discusses the concept of risk appetite and the different categories of risk response.
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