Technology companies have many types of exposures to fortuitous losses, not previously contemplated by standard insurance policies. This creates an expanding and pressing need to assess and address risks. Albert Risk Management Consultants provides this critical capability.

Given the risks they need to overcome, it would be helpful if technology firms had an insurance market that was broad and competitive. Unfortunately, this is generally not the case. However, Albert Risk Management Consultants has the technical expertise and practiced negotiating capabilities to help its technology clients obtain appropriate protection in a limited insurance market.

We also are experienced with the unique contractual agreements associated with the technology industry. The relevant risk transfers are only as good as the insurance and finances of the other party. This can be a divergent and dynamic issue when it comes to the entities which technology firms partner. Such “second parties” can be as secure as established educational institutions, but may also include corporate start-ups. Albert Risk Management Consultants has the experience to realistically guide its technology clients on negotiating appropriate insurance-related contractual clauses.

Technology operations are often strongly affected by global commerce issues. Risk control programs need to contemplate world-wide exposures. Our expertise with foreign risks makes us particularly suited to identify and solve the foreign insurance integration challenges created by the specialized liability requirements of technology firms.

Additionally, technology firms often have distinctive “time element” risks, such as loss of research and clinical trial restoration, as well as other unique loss of business income and extra expense exposures. Our creativity in addressing these various risks within a seamless property and liability insurance program can add considerable value to technology firms.


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