Since Albert Risk’s founding nearly fifty years ago, real estate has consistently represented one of the major core industry segments that have benefitted from our counsel. Today, real estate constitutes our firm’s largest industry segment exposing our dedicated practice consultants to the myriad of challenges that our expansive real estate clients have faced over the decades.

Not all real estate businesses are alike. Each firm develops its own culture and risk appetite to which we adapt in order to support our client’s mission with objective, expert, and efficient advice not just with insurance, but also with non-premium-bearing contract risk transfer, construction risk, and claims management. 

Commercial real estate businesses with sound loss control, construction characteristics, and loss experience, are enjoying a buyer’s market of sorts today with several qualified insurers competing for that business category.

On the other hand, habitational real estate, including its subsets, still face significant challenges in the current market. The field of potential insurers is much narrower than it has been in the past, and many policyholders find that the non-admitted market provides the most affordable insurance option. Unfortunately, inherent with the non-admitted market are insurers with unregulated policy terms and potentially inferior coverage scope in many of the risk areas where habitational businesses face the greatest exposure to financial loss.

Shared ownership projects face even narrower liability markets due to the looming presence of attorney-driven construction defect actions. The most reliable and efficient solutions for condominium associations necessitate a combination of tactics during development/conversion, marketing and sale of units, in conjunction with design and purchase of insurance.

We serve our real estate clients effectively with a keen appreciation for the challenges faced by them. Our consulting staff is conversant with the ever-changing commercial insurance products in commerce today as well as with market trends and market intelligence. Our real estate practice group consists of nine seasoned consultants dedicated to the real estate industry with an average firm tenure of nearly 21 years. That kind of staff stability speaks to the commitment that our professionals feel both to the firm and the clients that they serve.


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