US Manufacturing companies face a distinctive set of risk management dilemmas. Not only do they have to keep costs in check due to growing foreign competition, but most domestic manufacturers have foreign risks of their own.

Albert Risk Management Consultants' considerable experience with determining best-practices for insuring foreign exposures to loss is essential in reducing the possibility that unknown risks become uninsured risks.

Evaluation of potential property and business interruption losses arising out of international operations are an important part of the foreign risk management process. This includes potential loss of foreign assets, raw material imports, sold product exports, and business income arising out of key foreign suppliers or customers.

Manufacturers require an integrated risk and insurance approach to deal with such international exposures as:
  • Foreign product risks, including the use of foreign licensees; 
  • General and auto liabilities of foreign sales offices and reps; 
  • Political and credit risks; and 
  • International workers compensation and employers' liabilities. 
 For many older manufacturers, vacant buildings pose significant complications for their property insurance programs. Albert Risk Management Consultants help manufacturing clients find solutions through special deductibles, use of functional replacement cost valuations, separately-placed property insurance programs, and other arrangements.

Another defining aspect of most manufacturers' risk management programs, is the high exposure to work place injuries. This not only requires special loss control methodologies, but also demands in-depth knowledge as to effective methods of insuring catastrophic risks. Primary and excess workers' compensation coverage have become more costly for those with concentrations of employees. Albert Risk Management Consultants has practical and extensive knowledge as to insurance and alternative risk techniques in dealing with the changing workers compensation insurance environment.

Finally, claims management for the manufacturing company requires special expertise on how to use light duty and other loss control methods to alleviate large workers' compensation claims. Albert Risk Management Consultants has claims management consultants that are excellent in solving difficult and potentially costly claims.


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Managing Supply Chain Disruption Risk

Managing Supply Chain Disruption Risk
We live in a world where leading U.S. manufacturers often manufacture very little. They remain masters of design, quality control and distribution.  However, to remain competitive, the actual manufacturing process is outsourced to offshore companies that can deliver at lower costs.