The duty to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests, vendors and customers is ingrained in the hospitality industry. At the same time, the gathering of large numbers of the public in a hotel, restaurant, casino or resort facility constitutes the potential for extremely large risks that a sound insurance program should be designed to address.

The commercial market for hospitality risks has recovered somewhat from prior insurance cycles. The quality of the market resources available to a given client will depend on the underwriting characteristics of the business. However, insurance is available and is reasonably priced in the current insurance market with a relatively broad field of competing insurers. Hospitality companies that maintain strong policies of loss control, safety, accident/illness response, contract risk transfer and operational best practices will benefit the most.

The insurance market includes several programs and risk purchasing groups that are dedicated to this industry segment. These programs can be an efficient means of transferring insurable risk and must be considered, but the insurance terms must be carefully examined as many of these “programs” resist custom insurance amendments. Consideration of shared aggregate/occurrence limits and program geographical risk concentration is a due-diligence must.

Business continuity and reputation are central to the prosperity of any hospitality and leisure business. The surest way to preserve both of these qualities is through a custom designed commercial insurance program and implementation of sound risk management practices. Albert can help assess your risk management program, and as necessary, assist with the execution of strategies that will proactively help your business avoid loss. Then, when loss does happen, as it inevitably will, our consultant specialists will help you institute management action plans to mitigate the ultimate financial impact of that loss. Our seasoned professionals know and understand the insurance and risk management issues inherent in hospitality and leisure business. Among our longstanding clients include:

  • Hotels and Motels
  • Casinos, Inns and Resorts
  • Casual and Upscale Dining Establishments
  • Clubs and Recreational Facilities, Resorts and Associations
  • Theaters and Entertainment Establishments
  • Travel Services and Tour Companies


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