Who We Are

Albert Risk Management Consultants is an independent risk management consulting firm headquartered in Needham, Massachusetts. We are the largest independent risk management consulting firm in the U.S. and have continually ranked as one of the top ten risk management consulting firms as long as Business Insurance has been tracking our profession. Since our inception by Joseph H. Albert in 1967 as J.H. Albert International Insurance Advisors, Inc. we have offered a wide range of risk management services to clients worldwide in many different fields and industries. In 2003, we adopted the d/b/a style Albert Risk Management Consultants to better reflect the expansion of our service offering.

What We Do

We harness our expertise in flexible engagements, encompassing risk management audits, ongoing risk management advice and services, insurance procurement assistance, claims management, and other specialty services. Our practice concentrates on providing ongoing advisory services, including review, design, provider evaluation and negotiation on behalf of our clients. This gives us an appreciation of current market conditions, regulatory conditions and implementation challenges. This experience in implementing our recommendations furthers our goal of providing workable and realizable solutions which are tailored to each client's needs and circumstances.


Our sole source of income is fee for service risk management and loss management consulting. We are completely independent from any insurance company, broker or agency and have no relationship with any other business to sell or service insurance contracts.

Our client advocacy is uncompromised. Our independence uniquely positions us to evaluate existing service providers without disturbing relationships.

Experience and Stability

We have been providing fee-for-service risk management and insurance consulting for over 48 years. We presently have 26 consultants with varied backgrounds serving hundreds of clients. The average length of time in the business is approximately 34 years. The depth and diversity of our staff allows us to harness the right expertise for each particular client assignment and our bench strength ensures responsiveness and availability.

The average tenure is approximately 24 years. Considering the volatility in the insurance brokerage and underwriting community, we are often the most stable thing associated with our clients' risk management and insurance programs.

Service Philosophy

We are committed to delivering services tailored to client need, rather than selling established services without regard to need. We believe in adopting the legitimate goals of our clients as our own and in providing our clients with the means to achieve those goals.

As a firm, we are strongly committed to the risk management process. This process includes identification and evaluation of exposures to loss, the development of alternative risk management treatments, the choice of the best combination of techniques, implementation of those chosen and the continued monitoring of program performance.


We have organized our services, client assignments and staff by Practice Groups. We have recognized that in order to balance the need to provide specific solutions to our clients with the fast paced changes they face, we must be efficient in understanding our client's world.

Through our Practice Groups, we can concentrate our resources by industry grouping to deal with a number of client issues, including (i) understanding market and environmental forces, (ii) appreciating changes in common or new exposures, (iii) assessing the practicality of certain solutions and (iv) educating clients in new approaches.